APTA2021 On-Line Conference
Pre-conference Event

APTA & Dong-A Univ.
Joint Colloquium


[Jun. 24 (Thu.), 15:00 ~     SEOUL, GMT+9]

Prof. WooMi Jo (University of Guelph, Canada)

Prof. SooCheong (Shawn) Jang (Purdue University, USA)
Prof. Dae-Young Kim (University of Missouri, USA)

Presentation Schedule

  • Exploring Effective Menu Strategy for Food Delivery App – The Moderating Role of Consumption Nature / Gozzal Otemisova (Dong-A University), Myungkeun Song (Dong-A University)

  • Framing Effect of a “Surchage” on Purchase Intention of Low-Cost Airline Tickets / Abdulkhodiy Kodiriy (Dong-A University), Myungkeun Song (Dong-A University), Joonho Moon (Dong-A University)

  • Can Gratitude Change Residents’ Attitudes Towards Tourism?: A Case Study of Wuhan, China / Jing Yin (Dong-A University), Yeong Hwang (Dong-A University), Yinlu Cai (Beijing Union University)

  • Development of a Sustainable Travel Behavior Scale (STBS) / Dai Duong Pham (Dong-A University), Yeong-Hyeon Hwang (Dong-A University)